Flag Replacement Information

USFlagstore.com offers the following as a guide for general flag replacement cycles:

Flag Measurement Average Life Use/Exposure
18"x26" to 3'x5' 9 Months - 1 Year Light Outdoor/Residential
4'x6' to 8'x12' 6 Months Daily Outdoor/30' or Shorter Pole
10'x15' to 15'x25' 3 Months Daily Outdoor/ 50' - 60' Pole
20'x30' to 30'x60' 3 Months Daily Outdoor/ 65' - 100' Pole

It is nearly impossible for our industry to definitively address the expected life of a flag. Proper care of your flag depends on regular inspection and preventative maintenance.

Our products are made from the highest quality materials grown and processed in the United States. As a result, fabric guarantees like our Color Strong guarantee are standard in the industry and address only the fabric's ability to resist fading or bleeding and maintain its durable and vivid colors.