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Navy Medallion

Seal of the United States Navy
  • Year First Used: 1957
  • Designed By: U.S. Navy
  • Design: The Seal of the Department of the Navy consists of an eagle grasping an anchor, a shield in the US National colors, and a silver chain encircling the eagle and the shield. Around the images of the seal are the words "United States Navy".


Illustration of the Seal of the US Navy

In 1957, the U.S. Navy decided to design a new seal. Their previous seal had been around for such a long time that there were many different variations of it, so they felt the need to create a new standard seal. The new seal design was created from recommendations of heraldic experts and historians, and was officially approved by President Eisenhower in Executive Order 10736 on October 23rd, 1957. Two years after that, the new seal was used to create a new and official flag for the U.S. Navy. The new flag was officially approved by President Eisenhower on April 24th, 1959 and publicly launched on April 30th, 1959 at the Naval Support Facility in Maryland.