Black Mourning Ribbon - 3" x 32"

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Half-Staff Alternative

The black mourning ribbons are designed to be used with banner poles and attached flagpoles -- poles that are attached to a building or another structure, that cannot easily be lowered to half-staff. The mourning ribbon is 3" x 32", with two streamers joined by a single brass grommet for easy attachment to any flag pole. The mourning ribbon is hemmed on all sides to resist fraying and is made in the USA. The mourning ribbon is suitable for use with 3' x 5' US Flags or smaller.

The mourning ribbon is a substitute for raising and lowering the US Flag to half-staff. It is easy to lower vertical, in-ground flag poles to half-staff for memorial days, but the same is not true for banner poles and attached flag poles. The US Flag Code says that flags flying from banner poles or flag poles attached to buildings can fly a black mourning ribbon or bow from the top of these flagpoles on memorial days. The mourning ribbon or bow is attached at sunrise and taken down at sunset.

The Black Mourning Ribbon can be used on the following days:

  • Peace Officers Memorial Day - May 15th
  • Memorial Day - Last Monday in May, Until Noon
  • Patriot Day - September 11th
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - December 7th

*Note: This product does not include the US Flag pictured above, or the flag pole.