Ohio State Flags - Nylon & Polyester - 2' x 3' to 5' x 8'

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w/ Grommets 12" x 18" - Nylon - PN: 64-100-01144
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2' x 3' - Nylon - PN: 60-100-10109
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3' x 5' - Nylon - PN: 64-100-10070
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3' x 5' - Polyester - PN: 64-100-10426
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4' x 6' - Nylon - PN: 60-100-10071
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4' x 6' - Polyester - PN: 64-100-10231
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5' x 8' - Nylon - PN: 60-100-10187
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5' x 8' - Polyester - PN: 64-100-10219
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w/ Grommets 12" x 18" - Nylon - PN: 64-100-01144
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Outdoor Nylon US State Flag

U.S. Flag Store's Ohio State Flag is printed in America on Nylon flag fabric. Since this flag is made in America, U.S. Flag Store is able to ensure that the complex State emblems are printed with accuracy, sharp detail and bright colors. This outdoor Ohio State Flag is finished with the same high quality materials as all of U.S. Flag Store's US flags, and is extremely durable and long lasting.

State of Ohio Flag

State of Ohio Flag
State of Ohio Flag
  • Year First Flown: 1902
  • Designed By: John Eisemann
  • Design: A swallow-tailed burgee (which is a more triangular shaped flag) with five alternating horizontal red and white stripes. On the left side of the flag is a blue triangle with a red circle in the middle that is outlined in white. Surrounding the circle are 17 white five-point stars.
  • Meaning: The flag's color palette is the same as that of the American Flag. The blue triangle signifies the state's hills and valleys, while the stripes represent the roads and rivers of Ohio. The white circle symbolizes the "O" of Ohio, while the red in the middle of the circle symbolizes a buckeye (which is the state's nickname). The 13 stars that are clustered together represent the 13 original U.S. colonies, while the other four stars represent the fact that Ohio was the fourth state to be added to the Union after the first 13. When combined, the 17 stars show that Ohio was the 17th state to be added to the Union.

History of the Flag

The Ohio state flag was first designed in 1901. At that time, Ohio was planning on participating in the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. The state would have its own building or booth at the fair, and wanted a flag to represent their state. The state legislature asked John Eisenmann, an architect, to create the design. Eisenmann came up with the design that is still the official state flag of Ohio today, and the state legislature officially adopted the flag on May 9th, 1902. The flag was successfully flown for the first time at the Pan-American Exposition. Sadly, this was the same exposition where President William McKinley was assassinated. President McKinley was one of seven American Presidents from Ohio, thus far.


What is a Buckeye?

Ohio is often called "The Buckeye State", but not many people who live outside of the state know what a buckeye is. A buckeye is a small, shiny, and dark brown nut that has one small patch of tan. Legend has it that the Buckeye resembles a deer eye, and if you carry one you will receive good luck. The buckeye tree is the state tree of Ohio, and residents of Ohio are often referred to as "buckeyes".