U.S. Flag w/ Pole Hem & Fringe - 3' x 4' - Rayon

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U.S. Flag w/ Pole Hem & Fringe - 3' x 4' - Rayon

Indoor Display or Parade Flag

Made from rayon this flag is almost as fine as silk, but much more durable. Rayon American flags are the most beautiful available, and are only used for parade and display use. The texture, color and quality of these flags are what determines their higher price.

The 3' x 4' Rayon Embroidered Display Flags have these quality features:

  • Made from rayon - the most beautiful flag material available
  • Densely embroidered stars - ensures a beautiful star field
  • Sewn stripes - back stitched for reinforcement
  • Lined pole hem - for reduced slippage
  • Genuine leather tabs - high quality material
  • Golden yellow fringe - for display and decorative purposes
  • Made in the USA