American Flag Display Case with US Flag Medallion which holds Official 5x9 1/2 FT Folded American Internment/Burial Flag, Mahogany stained hardwood and thick glass featuring easy open back panel.

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Official U.S. Internment Flag-5 x 9.5 FT Premium Quality Cotton American Burial|Memorial Casket Flag - Made in the USA by Allied Flag

Price : $89.99

Home Flag Pole Kit - With American Flag - 3 x 5 FT Premium Embroidered Nylon American Flag Made in the USA with 6 FT Spinning-Tangle Free White Flag Pole Kit

Price : $54.99
American Flag Display Case Constructed from rich mahogany stained hardwood and inserted with thick glass pane. Each US Flag Display Case is designed to hold an official, 5' x 9'6" US Interment Flag. This display case features a die cast US Flag medallion centered on double cut, gold trimmed, patriotic blue matting that elegantly frames the flag. The display case has a solid glass pane, easy open back and felt lined base to prevent scratches. The case measures 26" wide x 13" high x 3.5" deep, and weighs approximately 5 lbs. The case can be ordered with an official 100% cotton, embroidered US Interment flag. With the official US Interment flag the case weighs approximately 7 lbs. This US Flag Display Case features: Glass panel Easy open back Felt lined base Double cut, gold trimmed, beveled mat with centered US Flag medallion Sized for a 5' x 9'6" US Flag Outside dimensions: 26" wide x 13" high x 3.5" deep Weighs approximately 5 lbs. without a US flag Weighs approximately 7 lbs. with the optional, official US interment flag* *The official US interment flag is made with 100% certified American material and labor, and is manufactured by an American manufacturer of interment flags for the VA (note: this does not constitute an endorsement from the VA).