American Flag with Gold Fringe - 3 x 5 FT Embroidered Nylon Flag Sleeve for Indoor Pole Display- Made in the U.S.A.

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Home Flag Pole Kit - With American Flag - 3 x 5 FT Premium Embroidered Nylon American Flag Made in the USA with 6 FT Spinning-Tangle Free White Flag Pole Kit

Price : $54.99

6 FT Flag Pole - Tangle Free Spinning Flag Pole - Weather Resistant- Ideal for Garage, Porch or Wall Mount.

Price : $22.95

2-Way Flag Pole Bracket - White Nylon

Price : $5.49
The US Flagstore’s 3 x 5 FT American Flag with Fringe is made from durable Nylon, Embroidered with White Starts for a beautiful and vibrant star field and has stitched striped and fly hems. These are made with a flag sleeve for indoor pole display. Perfect for schools, Veterans organizations, Scouting clubs and parades. Our flags are 100% made in the USA including all materials and labor.