6' American Home Flag Pole Set

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6' Outdoor Flag Pole

This pole set comes with everything you need except for a flag: pole, mounting brackets, non-furl clips and eagle pole ornament. This set is the perfect way to show your patriotism without a space consuming in-ground pole, and can be attached to the side of any house or porch. U.S. Flag Store recommends a 3' x 5' printed flag only with this pole.

The American Home Flagpole Set includes:

  • 6' three-piece aluminum pole - silver finish
  • Steel mounting bracket and screws
  • 2 non-furling adjustable clips
  • Gold plastic molded eagle topper
NOTE: 3X5 Embroidered Nylon & Polyester Flags Will Create Too Much Strain On This Pole In High Winds or When Wet. Utilize 2X3 Embroidered American Flags, or Printed 3X5 Flags Only With This Pole.