Oak Finished Indoor Flagpole with Chrome Joint - 8' Length 1-1/4" Diameter

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Display or Parade Flag Pole

U.S. Flag Store's Oak Finished Indoor Flagpoles have a reputation for unsurpassed excellence. Made from quality hardwoods and highly polished, these flagpoles have a traditional look that cannot be faked. Weighing much more than their metallic counterparts, U.S. Flag Store's Oak Finished Indoor Flagpoles are the highest quality parade or display flag pole you can purchase.

The 8' Oak Finished Indoor Flag Pole has these quality features:

  • Made from hardwood that is polished to a high sheen
  • 1-1/4" Diameter
  • Weighs 3.6lbs.
  • Each flag pole comes in two sections for easy transport
  • Best for use with 3' x 5' flags. Purchase here.
  • Flags larger than recommended size will not be compatible. Buyers will be responsible for return shipping & restock fee.
  • Pole only for use with pole-hem style banner flags