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Which 3' x 5' American Flag Should I Choose?

Outdoor Nylon U.S. Flags

Lighter, cheaper, brighter

USFlagstore's Embroidered Nylon U.S. flags are made in the USA from 200 Denier Nylon, a flag fabric made specifically for outside use. Nylon is the lightest flag material allowing these flags to fly especially well, even in light breezes. Nylon flags perform well in damp environments, because they dry faster than polyester flags.

3' x 5' Embroidered Nylon U.S. Flags have these quality features:

  • Made from 200 Denier Nylon
  • Most fade resistant flag fabric
  • Recommended for areas with year round sun
  • Weighs .55 lbs.

Outdoor Polyester U.S. Flags

Heavier, stronger, woven

USFlagstore's Embroidered Polyester U.S. Flags are made in the USA from 2-ply polyester. Polyester is the most durable flag material. Polyester flags have an open weave which reduces wind resistance, lessens abrasion and provides for a longer lifespan. These flags are heavier and require more wind to fly, but have the longest lifespan.

3' x 5' Embroidered Polyester U.S. Flags have these quality features:

  • Made from 2-ply Polyester
  • Longest lasting flag fabric
  • Recommended for 24/7 flying in windy areas
  • Weighs .95 lbs.

All of USFlagstore's 3' x 5' Embroidered US Flags are made in America, and have these quality features:

  • Fly hems - reinforced with 4 rows of stitching
  • Embroidered stars - for a beautiful star field
  • Sewn stripes - back stitched for reinforcement
  • Poly-duck header- withstands harsh weather
  • 2 solid brass grommets - rust resistant

All materials and labor used to make this flag are certified to be 100% made in America