POW/MIA Flag - 4' x 6' Double Sided Nylon

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POW/MIA Flag - 4' x 6' Double Sided Nylon


Experience the poignant symbolism of the POW/MIA Flag, one of the most significant U.S. flags available. Notably, this flag, alongside the U.S. flag, is the only one authorized to fly over the White House. The POW/MIA flag serves as a powerful tribute to American soldiers who have either gone missing in action or became prisoners of war. Emblazoned beneath the profile of Jeffery Heisley, a courageous U.S. Marine Corps soldier taken as a POW during Vietnam, the motto "You are not forgotten" serves as a constant reminder of their sacrifice. This touching homage is meticulously appliqued on both sides of the flag. To demonstrate utmost respect, all government agencies and Veteran's organizations proudly display Double Sided POW/MIA Flags, especially when flown daily.


The 4' x 6' Double Sided POW/MIA Flag boasts exceptional features that include:

  • Appliqued emblem design on both sides for enhanced visibility
  • Reads correctly when viewed from any angle, ensuring impactful display
  • Super tough, pure white poly-duck header for long-lasting durability
  • Equipped with 2 solid brass grommets, resistant to rust
  • Lock-stitched seams and hems for reinforced strength
  • Made in the USA to support local manufacturing
  • Designed for use with poles 9' and above


Pay a heartfelt tribute with the best Double Sided POW/MIA Flag, offering an enduring symbol of remembrance. Order now and honor the sacrifice of our lost soldiers.