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Nylon U.S. Flags

American Made Nylon U.S. Flags are the most popular flags on the market today. Nylon flags offer specific advantages over other flag materials. Nylon American flags fly in lower winds due to the lighter materials and feature brighter more vibrant colors.

U.S. Nylon flags feature 4 rows of stitching on the fly on the fly hems to prevent fraying in high winds. The stars in the star field are embroidered with nylon colorfast thread.

The poly duck header is engineered to withstand harsh weather, the addition of 2 solid brass grommets assures that your Nylon Flag will resist rusting and last longer. Every single component of our Nylon American flag is 100% sourced from the American raw components. The thread, sewn nylon stripes, starfield, and grommets are all American raw materials.

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Nylon United States Flags